Chevrolet Genuine Parts 95 cm Neon Sign

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– Beautiful XXL neon sign

– Dimension: 95 cm diameter

– 220 volts

– The contour and all the back are made of metal

– Two holes at the back for easy mounting

– Plug and play

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Neon signs made of metal cans (the contour and the back), equipped with multicoloured hand-blown neon signs.

Each sign is 95 cm in diameter and the glass tubes are surrounded by a solid black steel case of superior quality.

Your neon sign will be delivered suspended in a wooden box specially made to carry it.

No special assembly or wiring is required. Plug and play

Its neon signs have a hypnotic and warm colour and are supplied with industrial resistance transformers, which operate silently and more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

For the collector who wants the best of the best.


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